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There are numerous ways to approach the Buddhadharma and its Buddhayâna. Renunciation, skillfull methods like compassion and a view on the ultimate nature of phenomena as expressed in the teachings on emptiness, lead to liberation (Arhathood) or awakening (Buddhahood).

It is my intention to compose variations on four themes :

  1. On Emptiness : in these pivotal webpages, the ultimate nature of phenomena is discussed0 ;

  2. On Context : historical, ethno-graphic, hermeneutical, philosophical, scientific and other aspects of the Buddhadharma are summarized ;

  3. On Practice : the practices are organized in five degrees : 1° Preliminary, 2° Foundational, 3° Accumulative, 4° Preparative & 5° Finative ;

  4. On Feedback : in all traditions, evaluating spiritual progress is done by an outer teacher, coach, mentor, master, "spiritual director" or Outer Guru. Although constructive examples & spritual guidance remain important, the question whether -via biofeedback, both peripheral (skin resistance & heart rate) as central (neurofeedback)- a more objective "measurement" of progress is possible ? will be answered. Developing protocols to boost traditional methods are envisaged.

On the day this subdomain was launched, a mere framework was available (ca. 1.7 MB of htm). Further research results, especially on practice & feedback, are forthcoming.

Some pages are Under Construction ! and will be finished soon.









  • Instrumental Yoga & the Outer Guru
  • The Body/Mind Model
  • The Biofeedback Principle
  • GSR and Relaxation
  • HRV and the Good Heart
  • Neurofeedback & the Calm Mind
  • Integrating AVS
  • The Good Heart & the Calm Mind
  • Integrated Neurofeedback Training & Meditation
  • Neurofeedback of Visualization
  • Hypnosis & Suggestion in Meditative Equipoise
  • The Neurofeedback of Deity Yoga


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Mistakes are due to my own ignorance and not to the Buddhadharma.
May all who encounter the Dharma accumulate compassion & wisdom.
May sentient beings recognize their Buddha-nature and find true peace.



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